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historical Photos

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Educational Programs

Dr .Woods House Museum offers an excellent learning experience for young students. Though presently geared to Grade 1 and 2 students (to facilitate the provincial curriculum).
The students rotate through three “stations” which are on the three different levels of the Museum. The first group has a tour of the main floor of the house. Everyday artifacts are explained and the child sees what it would be like to actually live in a town house in the 1920s-1940s.The second group is gathered in the Tea Room where an old-fashioned schoolroom is replicated. The students sit at “desks”, write on slates, complete work sheets and do activities that would have been part of the curriculum at the time.
The third group is in the lower level of the house, where they experience making butter by shaking whipped cream in a glass jar, and doing laundry with scrub boards and the wringer washer. Small farm implements are also discussed as are photography and old cameras.
The school programme we offer works very well; teachers are, without exception, pleased with the format and experience we provide. Most importantly, the children and parents have a great time and learn lots!
Teachers are invited to contact the Museum at ( ph 780 986 1517) any time to arrange a field trip for their students. Please call the museum for more information and the cost.

Memory Boxes

Memory boxes are a very special part of educational programming at Dr. Woods House Museum.
Each self-contained Memory box contains a variety of artifacts pertaining to a different theme. We have “School Days”, “Kitchen”, “Laundry”, ‘Sewing Basket”, “After the Work”, “War Years”, “Homestead”, “Putting on the Ritz”, “Shave and Haircut” and “The 50’s Decade”. Each box contains a binder describing the artifacts and provides additional information and illustrations.
Memory boxes are a wonderful resource to borrow to bring to your group and share details of life from long ago. Contact the Museum for more information and the cost.

Garden Photos

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