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Historical Photos 



Harry Bamber

Harry Bamber was known in Leduc as "The Picture man." Harry recorded life in Leduc and surrounding community for six decades.  He provided the community with a pictoral history of it's residents, their lives, their activities and the growth of the community.  During his life he took over 10,000 photos.  Courtesy of The Provincial Museum of Alberta, a vast number of his photos can be viewed at the Dr. Woods House Museum.  Harry ran his business with the help of his wife Alinda who he affectionately called his "Right Hand Man" and his daughter Martha.  Harry died in 1971 at 85 years old and Alinda in 1989 at 95 years of age.  Martha continued to run the photography business until 1977. After she closed the business she made sure The Woods Museum got Harry's Eastman Kodak Century 21 glass plate camera.

   Come see Harry's camera plus others in our collection and Harry's photos. 





In 1908 two brothers  Robert Craig Hupp and his brother Louis started the Hupp Motor Car Company of Detroit.. Robert was an engineer who had reviously worked for Oldsmobile and Ford. By 1909 they produced their first car a Model 20 Runabout. They kept improving their cars and in 1929 they came out with a luxury vehicle which was described as "A four door sedan of generous proportions and powered by six cylinders."  The Hupmobile Six as it was called was completely enclosed with roof and glass windows protecting it's passengers from wind, dust and some cold.  It was made of new composite steel and wood body construction with slender pillars where the windshield and doors met. This made for improved visibility over prvious cars and previous blindspots were visibly reduced. The 47 inch wide seats were of either hand crushed leather or velour and there was ample leg room.  The exterior paint was called Duco and came in either two toned blue/green or two toned grey.  It all made for a handsome appearance.



The first automobile came to Leduc in 1915.  It was a convertible  purchased by Mr William Taylor, who was the train station agent.  Then in 1929 Mr. Taylor purchased a Hupmobile Six and sometime around that time Dr Robert Woods did the same.  Having an enclosed vehicle  to do his patient visits in had be be a huge improvement.  Previously he must have spent many cold trips bundled in his Buffalo coat to keep him warm in either his carriage or a sleigh in winter pulled by his horse.  Now he could visit his patients in style.









Leduc Band

Edwin Woods bottom row

Second from right 

on drum






Gravestones of olive's Family

      First husband Marion Thomas (Left photo)  Born October 10,1861 Died February 4,1900  (Of Gunshot wounds)

      Olive's three children:  Right Photo) Johnnie F. Thomas Born Dec 27, 1883  Died April 11, 1894 (Of Cholera)

                                                               Beulah M. Thomas Born May 10, 1895  Died June 9,1896 (Of Diptheria)

                                                               Willie J.B. Thomas Born October 18, 1897 Died September 26 (Of Croup)